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List of Largest, Longest, Highest and Smallest Things in India - GK

This post is about the various largest, longest, highest and smallest things in  India. Through this post you can get some important GK information about India. This Information will surely enhance your knowledge and will be very useful for all types of competitive exams like UPSC, SSC RRB, State PSC exams,etc,.

Longest, Largest, Highest, Smallest in India

 Longest in India GK

Longest River in India - Ganges
River Ganga

1. Longest River - Ganges

2.  Longest Road - Grand Trunk Road

3. Longest Railway Route - From Jammu to Kanyakumari 

4. Longest Tunnel - Jawahar Tunnel, Jammu and Kashmir

5. Longest National Highway - NH7

6. Longest Dam - Hirakund dam in Orissa

7. Longest Railway Platform - Kharagpur 

8. Longest Beach - Marina beach, Chennai

9. Longest Bridge - Dhola Sadiya Bridge

10. Longest Irrigation Cannel - Indira Gandhi cannel

 Largest in India GK

Largest desert in India - Thar desert
Thar desert

1. Largest Lake (Fresh water)Wular lake, Kashmir

2. Largest Mosque - Jama Masjid, Delhi 

3. Largest Museum - National Museum, Kolkata 

4. Largest Delta - Sundarban, Delta, West Bengal

5. Largest Desert - Thar desert, Rajasthan

6. Largest Lake (Saline water) - Chilka lake, Orissa 

7. Largest State by Area - Rajasthan

8. Largest State byPopulation - Uttar Pradesh 

9. Largest Corridor - Rameshwaram Temple Corriodor, Tamil Nadu

10. Largest forest state - Madhya Pradesh

11. Largest Church - Saint Cathedral, Goa

Highest in India GK

Largest statue in India - Statue of Unity
Statue Of Unity

1. Highest DamTehri Dam, Uttarakhand

2. Highest Mountain peak - Godwin Austin (Mount K2)

3. Highest Waterfall - Kunchikal Waterfall

4. Highest Battefield - Siachin Glacier 

5. Highest AirportKushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

6. Highest Hill Station - Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

7. Highest Literacy Rate - Kerala

8. Higest Statue - The Statue of Unity

9. Highest Gateway - Buland Darwaza in Uttar Pradesh

10. Highest Rainfalls - Mawsynram

Smallest in India GK

Smallest state in India - Goa
Goa - Smallest state in India

1. Smallest State by Area  - Goa

2. Smallest State by Population - Sikkim

3. Shortest Highway - NH 47A

4. Smallest River - Arvari River, Rajasthan

5. Smallest Union Territory - Lakshadweep

6. Smallest Delta - Ganges Delta

7.Smallest Parliamentary Constituency - Lakshadweep

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